Missing clips and screenshots
Are you unable to see your content for recently released games (or older in the case of Minecraft Bedrock)? Current known issues with game captures showing up:

Gears 5, Wreckfest, Supermarket Shriek, F1 2019, Minecraft Bedrock

Help us get this issue resolved by contacting Microsoft below.

Let us know you've reported the issue and contributed to the solution, and we'll be sure to thank you with a special gift for your time! ;)

  • Visit this link: Xbox Support
  • Click "Get Started" to chat.
  • Enter "xbox live recordings not showing up".
  • Keep choosing "None of the above." or "No" until you finally get offered a "Talk to a person" option.
  • At this point it should give you an option to "Chat". Click that option.
  • Once you start chatting with a specialist, tell them you are contacting in regards to case number 1482460956.
  • Specifically state the following:
    "I am contacting in regards to case number 1482460956 - I am NOT the person who created this case, but I do have the exact same problem. Also basically all of my friends who have the same games also have this problem as well. My game clips and screenshots for new games (Gears 5, Wreckfest, F1 2019, Minecraft Bedrock, Supermarket Shriek, etc) are not showing up on Xbox.com under my Captures. They only appear to show up on my console and on the Xbox mobile apps."
  • It is important that you specify Xbox.com to not derail them by getting confused with our website. Our website and Xbox.com use the same data so the fix to Xbox.com should fix it for our website as well.
  • Provide any specific information they may ask, including any screenshots showing the clips and screenshots are not visible on Xbox.com but are visible on the Xbox mobile app.