About GamerDVR.com

GamerDVR.com is a tribute to Xbox gamers. Inspired by a personal project for RocketRaceHeroes.com, it quickly became a goal of mine to create a better way of viewing and downloading Xbox DVR content. It also had to have a great user experience.
After the idea took hold, I couldn't stop until it was complete. Thus GamerDVR.com was born. Easily find and view your own or other gamers' videos. Check out awesome stats on each gamer and video. Search or Filter videos by game. There are many more features and improvements in the works. I just had to share this project with the world.
Have any ideas or feature requests? Found a bug? Just want to say hi and play some Xbox?
Shoot me a line on twitter: @GamerDVRcom or @nightsurge
Send me a message on Xbox Live: NightSurgeX2

Recent Updates

We are no longer keeping a running change log on this site. To see change logs, offer feedback, report bugs, etc, please view us on Reddit via r/GamerDVRcom

  • June 2015 - Albums are here. They are the same as playlists, but for managing your screenshots.
  • May 2015 - Multi-download mode! Download clips and screenshots very quickly.
    - Added a friends list integration to easily find your friends content without having to remember how to spell their gamertags. No more remembering if those are O's or 0's or I's or l's! Also many improvements to page loading and styling tweaks.
  • April 2015 - SCREENSHOTS! That's right, the first and only place to access your Xbox screenshots on the web!
  • March 2015 - Welcome to GamerDVR 2.0! We've enhanced a lot of features and added several:
    - First off, you can now create an GamerDVR account to access exclusive features like playlists, profiles, voting, contests and giveaways, and more!
    - Playlists are a new feature that allows you to create customized collections of videos in any way you'd like.
    - We updated our routes to improve readability, shorten URLs, and offer new functionality! Your old urls will no longer work, but the new ones are so much better!
    - Added Pro service with exclusive features. Edit your clip titles, add custom timestamps, and even delete videos that you don't want or automatically delete auto recorded (DeveloperInitiated) videos. Also removes the ads.
    - Snapshot was added to the video pages. While viewing any video, instantly take a snapshot of a cool moment and save it to your local computer.
    - You can now sort your videos by user or auto-recorded, saved or unsaved, as well as by game like you always could.
    - Ads were added to help support our rapid growth. It's not ideal, but we have to be able to pay for hundreds of thousands of gamers accessing their content via our website. They help us provide you with the best services and features possible!
  • February 2015 - Added the Create Gif feature and many tweaks to prepare for Gamer DVR 2.0 launching very soon!
  • January 2015 - Massive improvements to site performance and some style tweaks. Leading up to big features in the coming weeks!
  • December 2014 - Smaller update this time as we approach the holidays, but some ground work is also being laid for some major features in the new year! You can now easily embed a video into your webpage, forum post, etc. Simply go to the video, select the Embed Video link and then choose a size. Copy and paste that code into the HTML of your forum post, webpage, etc. and you will now have access to the video from that location!
    - This was a big one! You can now view all of your videos with one button click. Theater Mode will allow you to have seemless video watching when viewing your videos on your profile screen or when checking out a category or game search. The ability to create custom playlists will be added in a future update. Also when viewing a single video, there is a preview of 3 other videos by the same user. Added a helper button to allow you to scroll quickly to the top (very helpful on mobile). Fixed various bugs with Firefox on Mac and Internet Explorer. Shout out to @si_lumb and @0xdeafcafe for reporting and helping solve some of these! As always, I am sure that my vision could be tweaked and improved, so keep the feedback coming!
    - Timestamps! Add a timestamp with one easy button. Then share the link and anyone who views your video from that link will start from the timestamp position!
    - Skills and Fails! Mark any video as a skill or a fail. You can only pick one! Either way, it is good to be both a skill or a fail video. It just helps sort DVR videos into some new categories for users to easily access.
    - Design changes and general improvements. Game search. See all your videos at once on your profile. Download button.

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