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    AceMO74 Submitted 5 months ago

    Get away from me!

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    Cheodo Kamayo Submitted 5 months ago

    The Suros sidearms are the besssssst

  • Image?url=whwbxkif8cus8csoz03rw8ke8ralodp9bgd4wzwl0mj9z6qzugwzjtvbe7sssmvwx8hh2ownzf1cqeuqet acolytt1hjagcapahcz3tckr ndoi0tihev1d
    OniichAAAN6969 Submitted 5 months ago

    It just had to be Destiny 2 /:

  • Image?url=hr2eih8ywkd4q oa.xgbmk2m5benlfdmlh.evoifcqejamz9l6y30eoa7x6w1ris1l4zm4ciobij18ohmrddfbkotdmdcghttu7ymmnmrse5x2t5a31audhe2hvhukk.7zjnfyihhp4sfdkxpcfqqrlzn0ljlqgjtw
    Cellist22 Submitted 5 months ago

    That sidearm toasts people.

  • Image?url=whwbxkif8cus8csoz03rw8ke8ralodp9bgd4wzwl0mj9z6qzugwzjtvbe7sssmvwqxws9garf2g2uifrul7pqsjflr1sscnu73llnwhb7yjqxm7osz7wqcj10tdq2hlq xxt8iy hq
    l yDiegoZz l Submitted 4 months ago

    I need to play this game man, I really enjoyed your clip!!

  • Image?url=whwbxkif8cus8csoz03rw8ke8ralodp9bgd4wzwl0mj9z6qzugwzjtvbe7sssmvw8fod4uw0n
    MrGauzilla Submitted 4 months ago

    Tbh I play destiny for a bit cant really tell what even happened

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