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    DimMangycash69 Submitted 24 days ago

    One hp clutch I bet u was screaming

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    Masu Chan Submitted 24 days ago

    How are you that lucky xD

  • Image?url=8oaj9ryq1g1 p3llnxlsazggzaie6mnu24 pawyudyioh77pj.x5z.mqqpibuvtcs9jr0n8i7ly1tl3u7aiafzwcioqhhtqjleceml8hnww
    Mast3rArchit3ct Submitted 21 days ago

    Nice clip man, can’t believe that wraith didn’t finish you! Way to carry.

  • Image?url=whwbxkif8cus8csoz03rw8ke8ralodp9bgd4wzwl0mj9z6qzugwzjtvbe7sssmvwqxws9garf2g2uifrul7pqoqkwz3jn6lruhgsq38ojac8m
    l yDiegoZz l Submitted 5 days ago

    I wanted to be good at this game, but I'm really bad because it's so hard to play.

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