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    De Ennui Submitted 5 months ago

    That was actually a disgusting team wipe amazing job .I'm jealous

  • Image?url=8oaj9ryq1g1 p3llnxlsazggzaie6mnu24 pawyudyioh77pj.x5z.mqqpibuvtcs9jr0n8i7ly1tl3u7aiafdyz9q5zxusv
    ASK BigStend Submitted 5 months ago

    GG dude! Was awesome!Damn. We like pubg , can we support each other by gifting a thumbs up ?

  • Image?url=z951ykn43p4fqwbbfvr2ec
    BuucccNASTY Submitted 4 months ago

    Thanks y'all! That was a fun game, we ended up winning too =)

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